Our "Welcome To The Green Side 🌱" products are made with a Certified Eco-friendly fabric.  Look out for our stickers to show which Eco-friendly material we are using for that product, which will also be explained in the description of each product.

Look out for our Bottled water logo.   This indicates the product is made using Plastic Waste including plastic bottles and Polyester Waste.  These materials are processed into plastic chips and melted into yarns, from which fabric is spun making our awesome eco-friendly leggings and crop tops.   This saves water and energy, reduces greenhouse-gas emissions (See the image below to show the Life cycle of the plastics)

Look out for the Organic Leaf logo.  This indicates the product is made using approved Organic materials.  We pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality apparel from nature-friendly sources. This includes PETA-approved products, so you can set your mind at ease no animals are harmed or animals products used in any of our Organic products. 

*Note not all our leggings are currently made from Recycled plastic or Organic materials, some of our older stock won't be made from either materials.  We are ensuring all our future products will be Eco-Friendly. 

 Check out our our LATEST products and creations.

Eco-friendly Packaging

All Unwonted items are shipped in Biodegradable, degrable or compostable mailing bags and our products are packed in Biodegradable ziplock bags.   These bags are all designed with additives which break down the material back into the Earth and allowing micro-organisms to fully consume.  This is much more environmentally friendly with bags taking months to degrade, instead of decades or even centuries! 

They are also strong, tear proof and waterproof, so you know your Unwonted gear is safe in transit.  Being light weight and ensuring we choose the correct size packaging for your orders, we help reduce excess use of material...every micro-gram of material counts!

Look out for this Logo on our products for confirmation we are using Biodegradable ziplock bags. 

Check with your local council which bins these can go in.  

 Our compostable shipping mailing bags can put into your home compost or green bins.

Washing and Care for your garments

We also recommend washing your synthetic garments with Guppy bags, which catches micro fibres.  These can be purchased from Amazon or other websites on Google. 

All our products have wash labels from our manufactures recommended instructions.  We advise you to follow these as close as possible to ensure your garments are clean, fresh and long lasting.