Weapon Of Choice

Weapon Of Choice

From far away, these beautiful leggings just looks like your normal everyday gym leggings.  Flowery, cutesy, pretty, pink leggings...until you get up close and I'll punch you in the face, slash your throat and shoot your sorry ass!!! *and breathe* 

100% Squat Proof, Warp and double knitted, Rear Zipped Pocket, 80% polyester and 20% spandex, 280gsm weight.

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Lynda Bowyer
from Berkshire, UK

Fiesty And Floral!

What a gorgeous design. At first glimpse I thought the guys at Unwonted Apparel had gone all soft and opted for a very girly design - which is very unlike them..... and then you take a closer look to see the guns, daggers and knuckledusters Ah, that's more like it. A kick-arse design with a splash of femininity to round off with. That's how we like it! As you come to expect from Unwonted Apparel leggings they are squat proof, sweat wicking and stay in place all thanks to a super snug waistband which will never let you down.

Size: 6 - 2XS
Type: Full Length